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Written by Karen Leslie   
Friday, 15 August 2008 09:34

Firstly I have to say that I was surprised that I wasn’t the only one from Australia. There were actually three of us there and several people from Europe too.

Now I’m going to do this review without giving too much away since you may decide to do the course yourself one day and I wouldn’t want to spoil any surprises!

The course is called ‘Experience the Reality of Success’ because you actually experience the reality of being successful on the course. I won’t go into detail but yes I did manifest on the course. Within the room there were different levels of manifestation – some big, some small but David kept assuring us that if you can manifest $1 then you can manifest $1,000,000 – size doesn’t matter to the Universe.

Did I find out anything about myself? Yes I did. I remembered making decisions as a child that I’m still living by today several decades later. Some were to cover up my shyness, my feelings of not belonging, of not being good enough. Those decisions were still controlling my reality so many years later and the fact that they were no longer true didn’t alter the fact that I was still making decisions from that basis.

So has anything shifted since I did the course? That’s a tough question because some things that seemed so clear on the course are no longer as clear when you get back to ‘reality’. However they do have a follow up conference call where you can submit questions beforehand, mentoring courses, and a one-to-one follow up call from one of the coaches too.

I am certainly more aware of how am I making decisions and some of them are changing because of that. As some of you may know for many years my profession has been as an RPG programmer and although I’m good at it and it pays well, I don’t actually find it satisfying. So I have already told the company that I work with that this will be my last contract with them. Is that scary? Yes but in a good way. I learnt some years ago that I am not my profession (for some of you that may be obvious but it wasn’t to me back then). I love educating and coaching others and maybe my path lies that way, as yet as I’m still unclear on that.

When I have manifested (I should say intentionally since we are always manifesting whether we realise it or not), both on the course and since then it has always been when I have given up the act of being strong and independent. It’s been times when I have shown people that I am vulnerable that surprising things have happened. Maybe because my act has been ‘I’m a strong, independent woman’ for so long that people feel that couldn’t offer me things, and now that is changing.

I met some amazing people on the course, and I’m still in touch with an incredible group of women – the other parts of the 7 magic sisters. I am truly grateful that they were there with me on the course and they enabled me to get that lessons that I learnt.

There were two evenings of manifestation for our group and the first night we took it all very seriously and although there were some manifestations it was hard work. On the second evening it was completely different. I cannot remember when I’ve had so much fun! I did things in public that I’ve never done before – I bet that’s got your curious hasn’t it but I won’t say any more!

The speakers that were on the course were amazing. I had been receiving Ali Brown’s (the Ezine Queen) newsletters before the event but hearing her talk was incredible. Her life has changed so much in such a short period of time and she is so good at what she does. Dr Kirk Prine taught us how to breathe and some exercises and Donny Lobree played some beautiful violin music that he made up on the spot. On the whole I don’t like classical music at all but Donny’s composition was breath taking. He also brought along some jewellery from his mentor. The jewellery was beautiful and it called out to people. I know how strange that may sound but I saw one piece and had to buy it. When I found out that the gemstones meant I knew it was meant for me. Amethyst gives spirituality and strength, garnet for health and passion, opal triplet for victory over past pain, red spinel releasing fear of the future, rhodolite garnet for sweet passion, all set in a design with wings signifying freedom. You can see a picture of my gemstone pendant (The Princess of Coins)and other designs at Crystal Expansion . Melanie Benson Strick from Success Connections was also there explaining how to streamline and outsource parts of your business so that you do the parts of the business that you enjoy and are best suited for.

So in conclusion would I recommend the course? Yes I would. There are people there who go back year after year since every time they learn something new and get more from it. I would also recommend David Neagle’s four teleseminar series 'The Art of Success' that you can get by free registration on his site. Again by listening to that over and over you get more and more from it.


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